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  1. Ofil's Daytime Corona Camera presetations - can be watched on any mobile device

  2. A sailing start - EPRI Journal ...
    ... he came up with the idea and developed the DayCor camera, a daytime predictive maintenance system for the inspection and detection of partial discharge ...
  3. What is Corona
  4. Jignesh Parmar: One of the phenomena associated with all energized electrical devices, including high-voltage transmission lines, is corona. The localized electric field near a conductor can be sufficiently concentrated to ionize air close to the conductors. This can result in a partial discharge of electrical energy called a corona discharge, or corona...
  5. The Ultraviolet Detection of Corona Discharge in Power Transmission Lines
  6. Corona discharge is a common phenomenon in power transmission lines external insulation, and it may cause serious defect if without effective detection. The ultraviolet (UV) imagery technology has been widely used to detect the corona discharge in industry in recent years, but some influence factors' functions are not definite. In this paper, the fracture aluminum strands which is common in power transmission lines were used as the electrode model while a SuperB ultraviolet imager were utilized to detect, the photon count rate was detected with different detect distance, electric field, aluminum strands length and UV gain were applied. Then the multivariate regression analysis (MRA) was taken to calculate the function between the photon count and the factors.
  7. Analyze and Study on the Typical Operation Fault of Transmission Lines Composite Insulator
  8. This paper has analyzed the reason of transmission line breakdown in terms of composite insulators electrical and material properties. It turns out that the important factors of insulator flashover are degradation of hydrophobicity and severe haze weather. Therefore, aiming at old and over operation composite insulators, prevention measures such as live replacement of insulators and UV imaging detection should be adopted to avoid the deterioration of insulators and ensure the security and stability operation of transmission lines.
  9. Detecting Corona with UV cameras
  10. The article discusses whether optical detection of corona constitutes a measurement or is rather only a form of visualization of a critical component. Additionally, the article by Dr. Frank Schmuck, gives an overview of the differences between the daytime corona cameras and night time, pointing out the fact that the digital cameras are able to identify discharges at lower inception voltage than possible with analogues cameras.